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4 Tips for Replacing AC's

Central air is a basic expectation for most clients choosing to reside in warmer parts of the country. In Florida, one simply cannot survive without central air. Such a luxury is often taken for granted until something goes awry and this beloved commodity fails. As a landlord, you will likely face the possibility of eventually replacing an AC unit in one of your rentals.

River City Rentals suggest four factors to consider before you purchase a new central air system:


You will need to know what kind of AC system you are looking to purchase. For example, are you in need of a forced air unit, and electrical unit or something different altogether? This decision will greatly impact your cost. It is important to determine the size you will need as well as the amount of square footage you would like for the new unit to cool. Factors such as ceiling height and the types of windows installed in the rental should also be taken into consideration.


Do you really need to buy a "designer" unit? In most cases, brand name central air units are generally worth the extra bucks. It is important to research the brands in order to learn the characteristics of each, study the pros and cons and learn which unit will yield the best results and be the most cost-effective investment.


Make sure that your new central air system includes a warranty and/or a decent service agreement. Be sure to verify that such agreements cover more than just the parts. Installation can be costly and it is best not to attempt such maintenance yourself.


New central air systems are quite costly regardless of the deal you might have been fortunate to get. Will you be transferring this cost along to your tenant? If this is the case, a five to seven percent increase in rent is not out of the question and will assist in recouping your expenses.

Regardless of your purchase, don't go cheap at the expense of making the right choice! You will only spend more money financing frequent repairs, inefficiency and searching for a new tenant.

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