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Blog Post 3 Common Landlord Tax Questions

3 Common Landlord Tax Questions

It's tax time again and tax planning is a vital component of real estate investing. Every landlord, seasoned or not, has questions. Appropriate tax planning and proper reporting can make or break those rental property profit margins.River City Rentals here to answer the three...
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Blog Post 4 Tips for Replacing AC's

4 Tips for Replacing AC's

Central air is a basic expectation for most clients choosing to reside in warmer parts of the country. In Florida, one simply cannot survive without central air. Such a luxury is often taken for granted until something goes awry and this beloved commodity fails. As a landlord, yo...
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Blog Post How to Handle Squatters

How to Handle Squatters

Unfortunately, squatting does occur and often results in very sticky situations for property owners. Navigating such uncomfortable territory is a bit tricky and can be unsafe when not handled appropriately.In fact, it is surprising illegal to shut off utilities and electricity fo...
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Blog Post LLC Pros & Cons

LLC Pros & Cons

LLCs are all the rage and, if you've been in the property rental business for a while, you are likely familiar with the term "LLC". For newbies, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) are the least complicated way to structure a business so as to protect personal assets...
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Blog Post Christmas Safety Tips

Christmas Safety Tips

The most beloved time of the year can often be tainted by unexpected circumstances due to poor planning. River City Rentals knows you've carefully selected the perfect tree and spent hours decorating your home in preparation for the perfect Christmas. We want to help keep you...
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Blog Post 4 Reasons to Exclude Utilities

4 Reasons to Exclude Utilities

One of the biggest questions landlords face is whether to include utilities in the rent. All rental property owners are in the real estate business with a goal of maximizing cash flow and there are arguments supporting utilities inclusion in the price of rent. Perhaps your rental...
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Blog Post The 4-1-1 Re: Emotional Support Animals

The 4-1-1 Re: Emotional Support Animals

River City Rentals handles questions regarding emotional support animals almost daily. Understanding policies & procedures, having a good handle on state and federal laws and knowing how to determine whether or not an animal has truly been prescribed for a tenant are all matt...
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Blog Post Property Depreciation 101

Property Depreciation 101

Depreciation is normally noted for being a negative term, however there are many tax benefits for this otherwise annoying word. In fact, if you own an investment property or a home which functions as a business, this asset qualifies for depreciation as long as it is not your own ...
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Blog Post 5 Tips for Maximizing

5 Tips for Maximizing "Passivity"

Rental income is often thought of as "passive income" allowing owners opportunities to travel, spend more time with family or, in some cases, cut back on the day job. Here's the truth about rental income: it isn't always passive. At least not every month. Vacanc...
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Blog Post 7 Reasons for Rentals

7 Reasons for Rentals

You don’t have to be a genius to own rental property. You just need a good business plan and a strategy for securing good properties at low costs. You don’t even need to live in the same state as your rentals. River City Rentals suggests seven reasons you should consi...
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