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6 Tips for Tenants & Fireworks

6 Tips for Tenants & Fireworks

Independence Day is a day for great celebration which can be clouded with injury when rules and regulations go unheeded. In fact, as a rental property owner, the thought of holiday explosives being utilized by your tenant on your property probably never occurred to you. While experienced property managers would generally build a fireworks or explosives clause into your lease agreement, there is still time for you to graciously side-step any potential mishaps.

River City Rentals suggests the following tips for educating tenants regarding your own personal rules as well as the legalities of properly using (or not using) fireworks:

  1. Know the law in your area about what your municipality allows regarding fireworks. Some municipalities do not allow fireworks especially in drier climates. Rules should include information such as specific areas in which fireworks can and cannot be utilized as well as specific consequences for breaking the rules such as fines, etc. It is not too late to type up a sheet and make a friendly delivery to your tenant, communicate the info with your property management company or e-mail the info to your tenant.
  2. It is also a good idea to consider the effects of fireworks on local animals and veterans suffering from PTSD. Respect is key when renting out a property surrounded by close neighbors and lots of pets. Always strive to maintain a good relationship with neighbors and encourage your tenants to do the same.
  3. Communicate with your tenants the necessity of adult supervision when using fireworks.
  4. Safety features should be organized and available onsite prior to using fireworks, sparklers and anything related to them. Items such as a bucket of water, a hose or even a fire extinguisher should stand at the ready in case of a misfire.
  5. All debris must be thrown away within twelve hours after use, preferably into a bucket of water, so as to avoid a potential fire hazard.
  6. Be sure to communicate safety guidelines to tenants such as: the appropriate distance from the property/home in which a tenant may shoot off fireworks, steering clear of heavily wooded areas and neighboring residences, etc.